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Gammon, lightly smoked

Gammon, lightly smoked


Gammon, lightly smoked


    1 kg of Meat should feed 4 people comfortably


    How to Cook your Gammon

    Joints under 4.5kg = 45-55 mins per kg (20-25mins/lb)   

    Joints over   4.5kg = 35-45 mins per kg (15-20mins/lb)   

    Boiling Method

    Place gammon into a deep pan, skin side down, cover with cold water and bring slowly to the boil, skimming off scum as it forms. Start you cooking time from now and reduce the heat to simmering point with the lid on the pan. Top up with boiling water if required.

    Optional: add to the water a small onion skinned and quartered, 6 peppercorns and a bay leaf.


    Roasting Method

    Pre heat oven to 160˚C fan/180 (Gas Mark 3).

    Encase the Gammon in foil making a tent around the joint allowing space so the air can circulate. Scrunch the foil together to prevent the hot air from escaping.

    Roast until the internal temperature reaches 77˚C,

    Nb. The cooking times are approx. as all ovens differ slightly.



    Remove Gammon 30 mins before cooking time is complete, with great care cut the skin away and score the fat into diamond pattern. Return to the roasting tin and brush with your chosen glaze. Continue cooking uncovered for 30 mins or until the joint reaches77 ˚C


    Farmhouse tip

    We find the roasting method easier and if predominantly being eaten as a cold cut reduce cooking time by 15 mins, it will continue to cook slightly before it starts to cool.


    All orders will be collected  from Pattocks Farm, Chappel, Colchester CO6 2EG on the 22nd & 23rd December 8am-5pm, or 24th December 8am-1pm. 

    Home delivery is also available.


    Please be aware that the Gammons are priced on minimum weight stated and you will receive no less than requested.

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