Adams Bitter Polypin

Adams Bitter Polypin


Watch Adnams Brewer Dan Gooderham's 'How-To' Guide on looking after and opening your Adnams polypin. 

Remember to let your cask settle for 24 hours before use.

1. Once you pick up your polypin from our farm shop, transport it in an upright position with the tap at the top.

2. When you arrive home or at your party venue place your cask in a cool place away from direct sunlight in the position that it will stay while it is in use.

3. Next, vent your cask in the upright position by opening the tap and releasing any gas. If it has been bouncing around in the back of the car though we recommend you do not do this immediately! To access the tap, break and remove the perforated panel of cardboard to reveal the tap underneath.

4. Once vented, turn your polypin so that the tap is on the side and easily accessible for pouring.

5. Now your polypin is in the place where it will be consumed, raise the back of it just an inch or so (you can use a book for this).

6. Before you get too excited and pour yourself a well-earned pint, you need to let the cask settle for 24 hours, or at the very minimum overnight. This is to allow the yeast and sediment inside to settle out to the bottom.

7. Once settled, you can test the beer. Sometimes a small amount of sediment will settle in the tap, so pour a small amount out and discard if it is cloudy. The beer should run clear within ¼ of a pint.

8. All is ready – the party can now begin! Once opened, your cask will remain fresh for up to five days. (If you decide to move your cask, you’ll need to wait until the beer has settled again otherwise it will not run clear.) Cheers!